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You will get a tour of the building of the president's administration and learn about its history. They will tell you what the different departments do. Additional possibility to get paired with an individual administrator and observe a day in the life up close. Past attendees have gone on to have a full time internship there.



You will get to experience a day in the biggest medical laboratory in Bulgaria. Professionals will guide you through what it takes to be a doctor, nurse, or researcher and will explain how a day in a hospital usually goes. You will witness the stress and the reward of this profession through observation and the information you receive.



You will visit UNIQA insurance group which is an international insurance company based in Austria with branches all over the world. You will learn about accounting and insurance and get a tour of the facilities as well as get the chance to speak to professionals in the field.



You will visit an internationally accredited law firm in which you will witness how a day there progresses. The people there will take you around the office and show you the busy life and demanding tasks lawyers undertake every work day. From this experience you will understand how this business works in the real world.



You will visit the offices of Andrew’s Men’s Fashion where you will learn about the activities people in this fashion industry partake in. Fashion is more than design and we aim to familiarise you with the inner working of a fashion firm. The experience will include a tour around their factory building so you will witness the creation of clothes up close.



You will visit the headquarters of a famous local radio station and spend a few hours looking at the people responsible for recording, editing, and creating do their job. The people there have an exceptionals high spirit and sense of humor. You might also get to meet your favourite radio hosts.



You will be visiting one of the main offices of the biggest Bulgarian travel agency and spend the day learning about administrative jobs, business development, and problem solving. There is the possibility to visit one of two offices where the nature of the work varies slightly, so that is TBA.



You will visit a big local IT company which is organising an Open House Day just for you, the ACS students. There you will be given a tour around the office and see the different jobs people in the company specialize in. You can spend as much time as you like asking questions about specific technological aspects of the job and anything else that may pose an interest to you.


Physics and Engineering

You will visit a local engineering firm where you will get to experience a day in the life of a mechanical engineer in Bulgaria. You will shown around the company's office and construction grounds where you will meet with highly trained professional engineers, get to ask them questions, and learn about how the machinery around you works.


This information can be found on the school group Facebook page.




You will be visiting one of the biggest banks in Bulgaria, UniCredit Bulbank where you will meet high level managers, finance consultants, and people at every important position in the bank. Through this experience you will start to understand what a banker or finansist does on a daily basis and what their work entails. You will also get a tour throughout the different departments and meet with people who work in every one of them.



A select few of you will get the opportunity to visit the small offices of a very successful Bulgarian advertisement agency. This is our only job shadowing event with limited places due to the size of the companies office. You will experience a job in the advertisement industry and due to the small size of the office observe everything up close and everyone will be able to pay personal attention to you.